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Bankers without Borders Homepage

Bankers without Borders Homepage


Creating the Bankers without Borders Website

Working with a designer, I co-created the first Bankers without Borders website for the Grameen Foundation. We developed the architecture, layout, and web analytics for the new site. I wrote and edited all copy and strategized search engine optimization (SEO).

Click here for my “testimony” about volunteering through Grameen Foundation’s “Bankers without Borders” program.

Shannon Maynard, the Director for Bankers without Borders at the Grameen Foundation, said:
“On a pro bono basis, Wendy led the content development for our website at Wendy provided the same level of service that I would expect if I were paying for it — she challenged our assumptions and use of jargon and helped us to tell the story of our work in a way that has more appeal and resonance with our audience. Wendy’s work was so impressive that several other business lines at Grameen Foundation have now pursued her services.
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity “