Press Release – NEC & SuperCede

NEC Brings Asymetrix’s Award-Winning Java Development Tool to Japanese Market as “SuperCede Java Edition”

— Next Generation Java and C++ Rapid Application Development Tools  Localized and Supported for Japanese Market —

SEATTLE—(January 14) — Asymetrix, a leading supplier of easy-to-use Internet authoring tools and NEC, the world’s leading supplier of PC’s and a leader in multimedia and telecommunications technology, today announced that the two companies are partnering to bring SuperCede Java Edition to the Japanese market, marketed under the name “SuperCede” (without the capital “C”).  Under the terms of the agreement NEC will work with Asymetrix to localize, market and support SuperCede’s application technology for Japanese Java, C++, and Visual Basic developers.

The recently announced SuperCede product line is a next generation visual development environment for applications based on the Java and C++ languages for Windows  platforms.  SuperCede utilizes Asymetrix’s patent pending Flash Compiler™ technology for interactive application compilation and high performance Java execution.  SuperCede’s tightly integrated visual development environment, together with its industry-breakthrough interactive compiler for Java and C++ based applications, gives developers the first high-productivity development environment that also delivers high performance program execution.  For Java powered applications, SuperCede delivers execution speeds of up to 50 times the performance of current Java interpreters. This  leading edge technology, coupled with NEC’s broad sales channels and reputation for high quality service and support, provides Japanese developers with easy access to the highest performance and most productive solution for developing Java & C++ powered applications.

“SuperCede is a critical component of NEC’s application development environment strategy for Java, the Internet and object oriented C++ applications,” said Yoshikazu Maruyama, general manager, 3rd Computers Software Division, NEC Corporation.  “NEC’s customers now have access to the most advanced and high performance application development tools available.”

“We are honored that NEC has chosen the SuperCede product line as their solution for Java and C++ developers,” said Shabbir Dahod, vice president and general manager of Internet tools for Asymetrix.  “By working with NEC to localize and provide service and support for SuperCede, Japanese developers will be among the first developers to leverage this revolutionary technology.”

Being a true next generation Internet development environment, SuperCede also supports the seamless integration of ActiveX components along with Java.  By supporting both component standards developers can more easily leverage existing investments while freely choosing from the best that both will offer in the future.  With the rapid growth of the Internet for worldwide commerce and communication and popularity of Java, SuperCede offers developers the only no compromise solution for Internet application development.

“NEC is committed to developing strategic partnerships to bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers,” said Kevin Payne, senior manager for NEC Systems Laboratory, Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of NEC Corporation.  “SuperCede represents the most advanced development environment for Java, Visual Basic and C++ applications available today.”

NEC will announce and release Japanese localized versions of SuperCede closely behind Asymetrix’s general release of the US English version of the product. NEC and Asymetrix have initiated a close technology partnership and in addition, as a part of NEC’s ongoing commitment to the product and market, NEC will become a member of the Asymetrix Advisory Board for ongoing product development.  SuperCede has already won the Java Developer’s Journal “World Class Award”.  Supercede for C++ is also planned to be released in beta during Q1 of 1997.  NEC will announce the C++ release of the Japanese version shortly thereafter.


About NEC

NEC Corporation, founded in 1899, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and had net sales of $43 billion USD in the last fiscal year.  NEC manufactures and markets a broad range of products, including computer systems and communications systems, extending from switching systems to cellular phones, and electronic devices, extending from microprocessors to memory chips and is the world’s leading supplier of personal computers. In Japan, NEC maintains a network of 89 consolidated subsidiaries, 62 plants, and approximately 430 sales offices.  Internationally, NEC has 102 subsidiaries and affiliates in 31 nations as well as marketing, service, and research and development facilities in 30 countries.

About NEC Systems Laboratory, Inc.

NEC Systems Laboratory, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, was founded in 1972 and has three primary missions: providing marketing support for NEC’s worldwide software and hardware business, new computer systems business development and supporting NEC’s joint development activities with US-based companies.  NEC

Systems Laboratory has offices in San Jose, Cupertino and Mountain View, California; Princeton, New Jersey; Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona.

About Asymetrix Corporation

Asymetrix Corporation is a leading developer of easy-to-use Internet authoring and development tools for distributed learning, Web publishing, and business-critical applications.  Asymetrix, a privately held software company based in Bellevue, Washington, markets to customers and clients around the world, including leading corporate, government, and educational institutions.  Asymetrix Corporation, 110-110th Avenue NE., Bellevue, WA., 98004-5840.