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Hong Kong Outer Islands & New Territories

Hong Kong Outside of Hong Kong Island & Kowloon
Tai O - net fishing

Macau Day Trip

Visit to former Portuguese territory, Macau. Compared to Hong Kong, Macau is smaller, less built up, less crowded, and operates at a slower pace than urban Hong Kong. And of course, the European language is not English but Portuguese.
Mount Fortress View 2

Guangzhou, China

Also known as Canton or Kwangchow, the largest city of Guangzhou Province, just over boarder from HK. I spent 2 days there, on Brian's urging. I stayed on historic Shamian Island so my hotel was pricey by Guangzhou standards, $70. But biggest expense was visa, $130. No Facebook access which was just fine with me. Otherwise, Internet seemed normal but then, I wasn't searching on, for example, "Tiananmen Square."
Guangzhou - Majhong

Hong Kong Island

The north and east shore of HK Island is highly built up with very urban areas like Central and with some very undeveloped areas such as Shek O County Park on SE corner of island.
Filipina Maids - Day Off - Central


The place that probably best matches people's stereotypes of Hong Kong.
Approaching Kowloon by Ferry


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