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The main center of Rikuzentakata was wiped out by the March 11 '11 tsunami following the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan. Over 10% of the town's population died or disappeared. I had the privilege to visit my friends in Rikuzentakata in June '12, 15 months after the earthquake.
Ippon Matsu - sole remaining pine where used to be thousands

Tohoku - Away from Tsunami Zone

NE Japan (Tohoku) is not all tsunami zone. A view from inland.
Sashimi and Beer at Ichinoseki


In my travels from Hong Kong to Rikuzentakata and then home to Seattle, I spent 3 half days and 1 full day in Tokyo. Wish I'd had much more time to see friends and soak up the atmosphere.
Eiko and Mari and Michiyo


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